I joined the online Basic First Aid workshop with the intention of taking up refresher course as I previously did my certification from NIWS many years ago. But instead, I learnt a whole lot of things I wasn't even aware of. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of Dhiren Talpade to fit in as many scenarios as possible in a compact time frame of 8 hours spread over 4 days.

1) The instructor is very knowledgeable about the technicalities and clears all doubts with patience.

2) Although the course is online, the instructor has ensured that there is no scope for confusion by providing a detailed workbook + PowerPoint presentation + video demos.

3) The timings are strictly adhered to. The language is plain and simple.

1) Nothing to mention since one can't expect a hands on experience from an online course. This is more of an informative course and it's suggested to attend a physical workshop at the earliest.

Unfortunately first aid isn't given sufficient importance in our education system. Even our emergency response teams of ambulance are not well trained.

Hopefully people give more importance in getting proper first aid training as it's the only way of saving our loved ones as well as others.

Thanks to Jumpstart Outdoors for spreading the awareness.

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